My weekend in Dallas, Texas

I had the opportunity to bring my whole family with me to another business training this month.  So cool to involve the family with my work.  This particular ‘business’ conference however is not your typical one.  Our business team coach, Dani Johnson has a weekend seminar called First Steps to Success that just blows my mind!  So much more that business techniques.  She teaches money management, personality styles and communication techniques that are helping to restore and improve relationships, families and businesses.

Here are a few pictures of our weekend….


Here is our family….I love the shirts they had for the kids!  Here is the verse on the back of the t-shirt.


Here I am with hubby, Clark.


This is just some of our Shaklee Team at the conference.  Amazing group of people!  I feel so blessed to work with such a great marketing team.

FSTS July 2012

Erin was able to share her story on stage!  Incredible story!  She inspires me.

Erin Branscom from Kansas – Prior to plugging into Dani I was working about 60 hours a week in law enforcement night shift, I was getting 4 hours of sleep a day FOR 6 YEARS, my health was a MESS, and our FAMILY LIFE WAS AWFUL, after 13 months of plugging into WE WERE ABLE TO PAY OFF $39,000 of debt, I was able to quit that job and NOW I STAY HOME with those babies. All of our kids have been through Grooming the Next Generation and Gems Homestudy Program. It has been a huge change for our family!

erin-war on debt

We got to hear Jeff Usner from Secret Millionaire speak and share his story. He is an incredibly humble man!

My name is Jeff Usner and prior to getting attending First Steps to Success and really implementing everything I have learned at First Steps to Success and at Creating A Dynasty, This was my life – 4 years ago, I was OVER $285,000 in debt, I was working long, STRESSFUL, ENDLESS HOURS, I had invested everything I had into another company, I was not seeing my wife, I didn’t have time for my kids, I actually LOST MY SON, James, and HAD A STROKE and ALMOST DIED. 4 years ago I came home from work, and FELL TO MY KNEES because I looked at the dinner table and DID NOT KNOW HOW I WAS GOING TO PUT FOOD ONTO THE TABLE. Since implementing everything that I have learned here, MY LIFE HAS JUST RADICALLY CHANGED. WE BECAME DEBT FREE in 8 MONTHS and actually created A MILLION DOLLAR INCOME within 18 MONTHS! Our marriage is richer, my relationship with our God is amazing. It is amazing how God has transformed my life, and OUR KIDS now are HONORING. Our life is totally transformed. I can’t even believe we are on a show called Secret Millionaire. It really blows me away. It WASN’T THAT LONG AGO that I was sitting in total fear and petrified about my future… not knowing a way out.

jeff usner

With stories like that you can see why I use everything Dani Johnson teaches!   You can get plugged in too at  Check out all of her FREE videos and mp3’s. 

We have personally used Dani’s War on Debt system and have paid off over 15K in debt!!  We are debt free except for our mortgage and it is so freeing to not have that debt.  If you are serious about paying off your debt then you NEED this system. 

war on debt

Go HERE to read more about it.

Our family learned so much that weekend! 

What about you?  What is your story? 


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vitamin test

How natural are your supplements? Follow this simple test to find out.

Do you know how natural your vitamin is?  Did you know that can do a super simple test at home with your multi-vitamin to see how effective it is?

simple vitamin test

Doctor Oz did this test on his segment of Vitamins & Supplements to test if a vitamin or supplement is effective by heating the pill in a vinegar bath.  Dr Oz said since most vitamins or supplements are not supposed to be slow release, you can do this test at home to check to see if your body can actually absorb the vitamins or supplements that you take.  I like this test best because the vinegar mimics the acid in our stomachs, so if the supplement does not dissolve in the vinegar, then they will not dissolve in our stomach either. 

Vinegar Test for Vitamins & Supplements

1.  Warm a small pot of vinegar until it is 98 degrees.

2.  Add your Vitamin to the warm vinegar.

3.  Let the Vitamin sit for 30 minutes – if it dissolves, then your body has a chance to absorb it, otherwise time to buy some new supplements!

I picked 5 different brands to test.  My son did it with me and used it for his science research project.


We used vinegar and heat in the microwave to get as close to 98 degrees as possible.



This picture below is just a few minutes are the multivitamins were dropped in.



Notice the ‘stuff’ floating on top of some?  They never dissolved fully.  Yuck!  Centrum was actually bubbling and fizzing.  Notice also the coloring of the water.  This is coloring additives.

There are two basic kinds of vitamins;  synthetic and natural.  Synthetic means developed and natural is as it sounds…from phytonutrients. 

BUT be careful of the ‘natural’ label.  Many are not using 100% phytonutrients and also may be heat processed and will greatly diminish the nutrients.

I use the Shaklee brand due to the purity of the vitamin.  Chemicals and fillers are not something I would pay to put directly in my body. 

Give this a try at home.  Test your multivitamin and let us know the results here in the comments or on facebook.


Vitalea by Shaklee