Summer of ‘13 {recap}

Summer has flown by and I cannot believe we are at the start of another school year.  Summer has always been my favorite season of the year because of the good weather and my boys are out of school so we can play! It always seems to be over too soon and I am reminded how quickly time flies.  As my boys get older I can’t help but think how short my time left with them is before they grow up and leave the nest.  I want to purpose to cherish our family time and making memories. 

Here are a few … {ok a LOT} snap shots of our summer of ‘13.


Family Walks.  Ice Cream.  Riding in the Desert. Cooking Dinner. Birthdays.

summer 2013

Road Trip to Oregon. Paining our Rental House. Moving to Arizona.

summer 2013 2

July 4th. Good Friends. Fireworks.

Summer 2013 3

Seattle. Cousins. Grandparents. The Beach. Home Away from Home. Coffee. Sister.

summer 2013 4

The Beach. Hermit Crabs. Cousins. Friends. Sand. Hiking. Trees.

summer 2013 5

Oregon Coast. Cousins. Starfish. Grandma.

summer 2013 6

Scooter. Cousins. Roasting Marshmallows. The River.

summer 2013 7

So thankful for our family and friends and the time we have together.

What was your summer of ‘13 favorite?



Sunsplash Water Park

To celebrate the end of school and the first of our summer break, we went to our local water park, Sunsplash.

Our local Costco had discount tickets so we grabbed those and lunch and off we went!  At 100+ degrees outside we went when they opened at 11am to avoid the highest heat of the day. 

The boys were most excited to go on the Storm Rider and my oldest actually got interviewed by a radio station there that day.  When they asked him what ride he was excited about, this is the one!  They gave him a $15 I-tunes card too.

Caden wasn’t sure about the waterslides at first, so he and I went to the lazy river and the wave pool. Then he got brave and I took him on a slide and he was hooked!  That’s also when he thought it would be more fun to go with Dad….sometimes mom just isn’t as cool. 

family day at sunsplash

We had a blast celebrating the end of the school year.

Did you do anything to celebrate?

Happy Summer!



How to Keep Hydrated

Howdy!!  We are in Texas y’all vacationing after a business conference took us to Dallas and it is HOT!  We come from Oregon and the climate is much different.  However, I totally dig the SUN! We are able to go swimming everyday!  Pure heaven for all of us.This is my hubby with two of our boys.  He says he was getting his ‘sonscreen’ on.  LOL


With the days topping 100 + degrees, we have really noticed the importance of staying hydrated. Like, it is totally NECESSARY! A few years ago I had the awful experience of being hospitalized due to dehydration and it was from that experience I learned how vital electrolytes are to our bodies.

We use Shaklee Performance Pure Hydration Drink.

I make a pitcher of it every morning and all 5 of us fill up our cups.


I love Shaklee’s proven success and commitment to purity.  In fact that level of success and purity is what allows Olympic Athletes to be able to use our Sports Nutrition products.  Any professional athlete will tell you they cannot use products with ANY artificial stuff in it or they can be disqualified in their field and event.


There is more ‘good stuff’ too, but I will just let the bottle tell it for me.  LOL



We love the Shaklee Performance.  We don’t need to buy juice with all the sugar…just this.  I get the big 5 gallon jug and it lasts a really long time.  You can order yours HERE.  Ask me how to save 15% too!  We are also thinking it would be yummy to make popsicles out of.  Don’t you think so?  I will let you know when we try it.  Be sure to JOIN OUR FACEBOOK COMMUNITY for more pictures and tips on living healthy.

What do you do to stay hydrated?  Have you had a bad experience with dehydration like me before?  Share it in the comments.

Have a great day!