Playing Tourist

My mom cam to visit us the first week of August which also happened to be the first week of school for the boys.  We moved here officially in May and I was so excited to have her come!  It was a super busy and fun week with showing her the town, the boys’  schools, enjoying the sun and pool time, eating out, coffee runs and shopping.

We spent one morning relaxing at the pool while the boys were in school and took youngest with us on another day.  You can see him floating in the distance.  lol



I made us smoothees daily!  It was fun to take care of my mom a bit in this way.  She does SO much for me… even long distance!




We visited Old Town in Scottsdale, had shrimp tacos at The Mission and window shopped.  We loved all the cowboy boots and colors!





One night mom treated us to Rustler’s Roost, a fun restaurant with a western flair.  We got cowgirl hats and I got to wear my Texas boots.  Caden wore his awesome Texan hat too.  We listened to live music and the balloon man came by.  This restaurant is know for the rattlesnake appetizer so of course we tried it!  My oldest loved it.  I tried a few bites but couldn’t really get past picturing his face and fangs.  lol  Then they gave us cotton candy for dessert. 

rustlers rooste


Just about every night the Arizona gives us a beautiful sunset!  So we took advantage and took some great pics outside.


family august 2013

We had such a great time and it was sad to see her go. 

Do you like to play tourist with out of town guests?  Since we’ve only been here 6 months, we still have a huge Arizona bucket list.  Can’t wait for more visitors!