The 7 Diseases of Attitude

How do you see yourself? Really.  Take a moment and dig inside.  Do you see yourself as capable?  What is your self talk?

I had the privilege of hearing a successful business man, Carlos Blancos, speak and he shared what he called the Diseases of Attitude.  These are caused by neglect in becoming a better you.

1. Indifference

2. Indecision

3. Doubt

4. Worry

5. Over-cautiousness

6. Pessimism

7. Complaining

Do you see any of these ‘diseases’ present in your life?  I know I do! For things to change, WE must change! 

Here are 5 Major Ingredients to turning your life around:

1. Disgust with where you currently are.

2. Desire that comes from within.

3. Decision.  Choose to be outstanding!

4. Action.  Set a GOAL.

5. Resolve.  Make a Commitment from the heart to succeed no matter what.

It is amazing how much of our success (or lack of) comes from our belief in ourselves. 


How do YOU see yourself??

‘Imagination is more powerful than knowledge’ ~ Albert Einstein

Where do you imagine yourself? Successful in achieving your goals? Or do you give up before you fully see the dream?

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