We Moved into a House!

When I found out we were staying in Arizona I immediately started searching for a house.  We have chosen to rent for this year and look to buy something next year.  After a couple of weeks of calling on houses I liked only to find out they had just been rented, I finally found one we love.  The boys came with me to look at almost all of them because I wanted them to have a say in where we lived and because I really value their opinion.  My oldest actually was very helpful because he has such a logical mind. 

The things we like most about our house are:

* one bedroom has a private bath and can be used for a guest room

* open concept for the kitchen, dining and family room

* fairly new appliances and upgrades like RO water

* community pool, hot tub, playground, sport court and tennis courts

* next to the elementary school that I wanted Caden to go to

* a few blocks from the high school Connor and Carter will attend

* close to hubby’s work

* close to family

Here are the pictures we took before we moved in…..











Moving from a 37 foot 5th wheel to a 1900 sq ft house feels huge!  However, I would definitely say that our perspective of space is different than it was a year ago.  We are all liking more space for sure!  The boys have been playing hide and seek and having nerf gun wars. lol  Plus there is a community pool 2 blocks away.

When we moved in we did not have ANY furniture other than our camping chairs.  lol  Since then we have gotten a great leather couch from craigslist and basic desks from IKEA for our school and work space. Surprisingly, we have plenty of things from what we brought with us in the 5th wheel.  We have all discovered we really like living minimally and simply!  We do have a few things in a storage unit back in Oregon which we will get and bring back in July.  Until then we are fine with our mattresses on the floor and our couch and camping chairs.

It will be fun to decorate it and I will be sure to share pictures when I do!



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