Boost your Children’s Health….Naturally

This is a guest post by Bonnie Donahue from Creating a House of Grace.

Welcome, Bonnie.  So glad to have you here!  You are a wealth of health information.

Thank you for having me.  Today I am going to share my #1 childrens’ health booster:  Lactoferrin.

Lactoferrin is an iron-containing protein found in mother’s milk that is very important in developing and strengthening the infant’s immune system. 

Here is WHY:

1) Iron is an absolutely essential nutrient for your child’s immune system. In fact, a weakened immune system is one of the first signs of an iron deficiency.

2) It turns out that lactoferrin is an easily absorbed form of iron. In fact there is a special transport system in the intestine for lactoferrin. Because the iron in lactoferrin is much more bioavailable than other forms of iron.

3)  Lactoferrin also increases the number of nutrient-absorbing cells in the intestine, so it enhances the absorption of the other nutrients your child needs for a healthy immune system.

4)  Lactoferrin suppresses the growth of bad bacteria in your child’s intestine.  That’s important because 80% of your immune system originates in the intestine.  Simply put, when those immune cells in the intestine have to spend their time fighting off bad bacteria in the intestine, they are unavailable to fight off bacteria and viruses elsewhere in the body.

So lactoferrin helps strengthen your kid’s immune system in several different ways and

Shaklee’s Incredivites is the first children’s multivitamin to contain this important immune-enhancing ingredient.



I give these to my 3 children daily.  They are rarely sick and they have NEVER been on a prescription drug.

Thanks so much for sharing your expertise today, Bonnie! 

Looking forward to your next visit,


2 thoughts on “Boost your Children’s Health….Naturally

  1. I have been giving my kids these vitamins for a few months now and this year is the healthiest they have ever been! Not even a cold. Love your pic on the home page. So cute!

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