What is Your Healthy?

Please welcome Rachelle from Livin’ the Fit Life.  Rachelle is a passionate runner and is currently in the process of getting certified as a personal trainer.  Her style of writing is fresh and witty with a healthy dose of encouragement to get you up and moving.   Be sure to pop over to visit her and let her know in the comments.  Thanks so much for guest posting, Rachelle!  You inspire me!

So, I may or may not have had too much caffeine, too late in the day, and I can’t sleep for the life of me.  I have been laying in bed with a thousand thoughts cascading through my head and all I want to do is go for a run.  But, it is the middle of the night and pouring down rain, so that probably isn’t the smartest or safest thing to do.  Instead, I decided to write a blog post.
I was watching a video a couple of days ago about the definition of wealth.  That we, as individuals, should have our own definition of wealth, instead of letting society define it for us.  After pondering this for a while, I decided that this principle would work for the definition of health as well. 

How do we define health vs. how society defines it for us? 
how do you define healthy

Health can be defined in so many different ways. 

~ It could mean having a BMI of 22,

~ fitting into a pair of size 8 jeans,

~ not catching as many colds during the winter,

~ running a sub 4 hour marathon. 

The spectrum of health is endless and diverse and there are people at every point along the way. I see people who are overweight running alongside the road and I think to myself  “Wow, that is so awesome that they are on their journey to being healthy!” 

Whether healthy means

~ changing one meal a day to a healthier choice,

~taking a multi-vitamin to keep the colds away,

~beginning a workout routine,

~ or adding speedwork to your running regimen,

we are all on our own journey

And to those who haven’t started their journey, what is stopping you from taking that first step?
So, I ask you, what is your healthy?  How do you define health in your life?  For those out there who haven’t started their journey to living a healthy life, what is one small step you would suggest they take?  My advice would be, define your “healthy” and make it happen.
Off to bed I go, when I fall asleep nobody knows. 

Have a great day and happy running!




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