Where in the US are we now? Plus BIG News!

We have been traveling in our 5th wheel for 7 months now, touring the US.  [more about that in a post to come soon!] We have had so many questions from friends, family and fellow travelers as to where we are and what will be next for our family. 

So…. where in the US are we are now?


We have been in Arizona for the past 3 months enjoying good weather and Clark’s brother and family.  Our original plan was to continue moving to the East Coast this month.  But our plans have changed!

While we have been here, my husband has been working with his brother at his RV business and he was offered the chance to stay. Clark loves it here with his brother and I love the warmer weather and the sun for sure. In working out just what that job would mean, we had to make the decision to stay here during the busy sales months.

After much prayer …..

We are officially moving to Arizona!

After living in and traveling in a small space, we are excited about settling into a house again.  This is a BIG change for all of us, especially the boys.  I appreciate everyone’s prayers for us in the transition. 

I will keep you updated when we find a place!



11 thoughts on “Where in the US are we now? Plus BIG News!

  1. I wondered what happened to the trek to NC. :). So thankful you found a new spot to call home. Let the new adventures begin!

  2. so very excited for you guys may the transition be blessed and smooth !! God Bless your precious family in this new season and new journey!!

  3. Wow! That IS big news! Jealous, I would love to be in Arizona right now myself. But congrats on the new venture!

  4. Wow, what a wonderful opportunity–to do all that traveling with your family and then to move near family. Hope the transition goes well.

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